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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 planes: every aircraft in the game revealed

Which is the best plane for beginners learning how to fly?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 gives you a very healthy number of planes with which to soar about the world, ranging from training-friendly aerobic-capable aircraft to gigantic (and extremely aerobic-incapable) jet airliners.

In this guide you'll find out the names and stats of every single plane included in each edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Take a look!

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Below you can find our list of all 30 planes included in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020's three editions.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 planes list

The base version of Flight Simulator gives players 20 planes to learn and fly, with the Deluxe edition granting you five additional planes and the Premium edition granting you another five on top of that, bringing the total up to 30.

Here is every single plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and the edition in which they become available:

AircraftEditionEnginesCruise Spd (KTAS)Max Alt (Ft)ENDR (Hr)Range (NM)
Airbus A320neoStandardJet x245539,80073,500
Aviat Pitts Special S25StandardPiston x115015,0002298
Boeing 747-8 IntercontinentalStandardJet x449343,100168,000
Cub Crafter X CubStandardPiston x112614,0006695
Daher TBM 930StandardTurboprop x133031,00051,730
Diamond Aircraft DA40NGStandardPiston x112516,4006940
Diamond Aircraft DA62StandardPiston x217120,00071,283
Extra EXTRA 330LTStandardPiston x115010,0005600
Flight Design Flight Design CTSLStandardPiston x112015,0006780
ICON A5StandardPiston x18515,0006427
JMB Aircraft VL-3StandardPiston x113013,0005690
Robin Cap10StandardPiston x113516,0005650
Robin DR400/100 CadetStandardPiston x111514,0004550
Textron Aviation Beechcraft Bonanza 636StandardPiston x117618,5006920
Textron Aviation Beechcraft King Air 350iStandardTurboprop x224435,00061,806
Textron Aviation Cessna 152StandardPiston x110714,7005415
Textron Aviation Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)StandardPiston x112414,0005640
Textron Aviation Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan EXStandardTurboprop x119525,0007964
Textron Aviation Cessna Citation CJ4StandardJet x245145,00052,165
Zlin Aviation Savage CubStandardPiston x19114,4004377
Diamond Aircraft DA40 TDIDeluxePiston x112016,4006741
Diamond Aircraft DV20DeluxePiston x111013,1206630
Textron Aviation Beechcraft Baron G58DeluxePiston x217620,68871,480
Textron Aviation Cessna 152 AerobatDeluxePiston x110714,7005415
Textron Aviation Cessna 172 SkyhawkDeluxePiston x112414,0005640
Boeing 787-10 DreamlinerPremiumJet x249541,100136,430
Cirrus SR22PremiumPiston x115017,5005800
Pipistrel Virus SW121PremiumPiston x29016,0006642
Textron Aviation Cessna Citation LongitudePremiumJet x248345,00073,500
Zlin Aviation Shock UltraPremiumPiston x17815,7505323

You can view all your owned planes in-game in the Hangar section of your Profile tab in the main menu. Here you can also view full stats and a detailed description of each one's history, role, strengths, and weaknesses.

Which plane is best for learning Flight Simulator?

As in real life, the best planes for learning how to fly in Flight Simulator 2020 are the small, light, aerobatic-capable planes. This is why all of Flight Simulator's training missions teach you to fly using the Cessna 152 - and indeed, the Cessna 152 is an excellent starting plane.

But for players who know nothing about flight sims and just want to go fly over their house, I'd recommend a step up from the 152: the Cessna 172 is an extremely forgiving plane for beginners. It's familiar for those who have gone through the training missions with the 152, but the Cessna 172 has the added benefit of two digital screen displays in the cockpit which make reading your situation and surroundings that little bit more intuitive.

Another strong recommendation is the Robin DR400/100 Cadet - another very lightweight and forgiving aerobatic-capable plane. This aircraft has an easily understandable array of instruments, and the shape of the canopy gives newcomers fantastic visibility, making it a perfect choice for scoping out your home town or even your own house.

And that wraps up our guide to all the planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020! Why not now learn how you can instantly visit any exact coordinates on Earth using Flight Simulator's search function?

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