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Unchivalrous: Watch 12 Minutes Of Mirage's Wizstabs

Weird but fun?

What do you get when you combine the first-person swordclanging of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare with the magical zipzapping of wizards? Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site], natch. But that was announced ages ago, you know that. Ah, but what does it look like? See for yourself in a new 12-minute lump of gameplay snippets:

Cover image for YouTube video

So the answer is: it looks a bit weird but quite fun? Timing attacks and blocks carefully is important in Chivalry, a game about low-tech nonwizards hacking at each other, and developers Torn Banner seem to have carried that idea over into Arcane a bit. Only now people also have magical spells, and are able to teleport, airdash, lay traps, pull people, and goodness knows what else. It looks pretty weird! But quite fun?

Maybe it's a bit Dark Messiah? A bit Dishonored? But multiplayer. And everyone's limbs are always falling off.

Torn Banner plan to launch Mirage in "early 2017". Hopefully some of that development time will go towards better first-person animation and some new voice lines (one wizard has a great "Owww!" as if he's been punched in the arm by his mate a bit harder than is funny, when really he's had a sword slice across his torso).

If you fancy a crack before then, signups for closed alpha testing are on Mirage's site.

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