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Mortal Shell shows off its Souls-inspired action

Is that... Elite Knight armour?

While the Soulslike craze of the tensies wandered down increasingly esoteric paths of Soulslikelikes and Soulslikelikelikes, here comes a new one looking to hew relatively close to its inspirations: Mortal Shell. Following its announcement earlier this year, the action-RPG got its first gameplay showing today during IGN's Summer of Gaming stream. Dank tombs, cryptic conversations, big swords, bigger ladies, and a fella wearing the Elite Knight set? Yeah, I catch your drift, Mortal Shell.

First, a new trailer:

Look, I'm a sucker for a big sword with knockdown. As for how it actually looks when not cut up into snazzy two-second clips, developers Cold Symmetry showed some actual gameplay bits while gabbing about the game with the Ian Games Network:

God help me, I can't tell whether the devs were saying the game's big goal is to get "sacred glands" or to get "sacred glans". They did giggle when someone mentioned drinking sacred juice and there is a fair bit of fetishwear in the trailer. Don't mind me, it's past midnight now and my brain broke.

The current plan is to launch Mortal Shell by the end of September. See the game's website and Steam page for more.

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