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New Final Fantasy VII remake trailer hints at PC version

Partly Cloud-y with occasional hints

We know for sure that Final Fantasy VII's remake will be exclusive to the PS4 for a year. After that, maybe Square Enix'll just dust their hands off and never speak of it again, but that seems unlikely. They've still not confirmed a PC version but the repeated emphasis on "exclusive until 2021" sure makes ya think we'll see it this time next year. A new trailer suggests that the PC port could already be in the works.

Squenix's new video is an address by producer Yoshinori Kitase. It's just a short "message to the fans" reiterating why Square think you'll be ga-ga for the remake. Your eyes may gloss over watching it, but look sharp down there at the bottom of the screen. What's that in fine print? "Gameplay captured on PC," it says. Oh really?

Most likely, this is just a small disclaimer about the video quality and framerate, not some sneaky revelation. Final Fantasy VII on PC will be or won't be, regardless of this tiny text. Still, this does suggest that a PC build of the game exists, even if it's only a development version for capturing footage.

It would be a bit daft to just leave that lying around, languishing in the dark and never releasing it, don't you think? Ah, what do I know? It's not like a bunch of the Final Fantasy series isn't already on Steam. It's not as if other exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding are coming out this summer. Even Alic0 says it would be weird if Sony don't bring more exclusives to PC.

Let's not get riled up over—ah what the heck—Final Fantasy VII confirmed on PC, yall! No, wait. I'm sorry. I feel as if I've just shouted "fire!" in a movie theater.

Good spot, VG24/7.

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