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New The Devil In Me trailer introduces all the characters who’ll die horribly

Charlie’s soon-to-be angels

Horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology is drawing its first season to a close with the arrival of supernaturally bereft slasher The Devil In Me on November 18th, and a new trailer lets us meet all the cheerful faces we’ll undoubtedly see brutally murdered at some point. Handily, it’s made me realise that Paul Kaye – known for his Game Of Thrones role as resurrectionist Thoros of Myr, and for being mortally annoying as Dennis Pennis in the Nineties – is playing shock doc director Charlie. Kaye’s nonchalant accent seems like a great fit, as you’ll see in the trailer below.

The Dark Pictures Anthology's first season ends with The Devil In Me.

Charlie’s the founder of Lonnit Entertainment, the documentary crew that’s investigating the World’s Fair Hotel in Chicago, a.k.a. the spooky Murder Castle. You’ll get an opportunity to play as five characters in The Devil In Me, and we get to see what appears to be a possible death for all of them here. Charlie fries. Jessie Buckley’s show host Kate gets shoved off a roof, while Fehinti Balogun’s seemingly nice guy Mark is suffocated. Gloria Obianyo’s Jamie gets the chop. Finally, Nikki Patel’s Erin is dispatched in the dark.

Rebecca had some hands-on time with The Devil In Me ahead of Hallowe’en, and walked away unscathed and with hopes that this could be the best game in The Dark Pictures Anthology so far. Alice Bee chatted with game director Tom Heaton back in August too, where Heaton opened up about the game’s inspiration of H.H. Holmes, a self-confessed serial killer from the 19th century. The Devil In Me’s a bit more up to date though, basing itself on modern true crime TV series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me staggers onto Steam on November 18th for £35/$40/€40. It’s also coming to current and last gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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