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Night in the Woods is out now!?!?!?

Is it good? Mae be

In a shocking turn of events, the colourful homecoming adventure Night in the Woods [official site] did not get delayed this week, causing it to become available on your PC mere hours ago. This is bad news for me. We've had our ‘Night in the Woods has been delayed again’ article ready to go for weeks, based on all the other times it’s been postponed, and now we’ve been totally blind-sided. That’s why this news piece is so late. I’ve had to re-write the whole thing from scratch.

If you’ve been absent for the past nine hundred years, it’s a platform-y adventure about a cat called Mae Borowski returning to her hometown and trying to reconnect with her old pals. But everyone is different. It’s set up as an exploration of that old Wolfeism – you can’t go home again – but with cartoon animals. Oh, and I guess there’s some spooky thing happening in the forest on the outskirts of town too.

Anyway, it’s finally on Steam for twenty United States dollar signs (£14.99 in Queen money) and also on Itch.io for the same price. But stop rushing! John is going to have a review ready for you soon, asking all the right questions: is it adorable and heartfelt story-telling? Or is it try-hard hipster gubbins? You’ll have to come back here to find out.

That’s what we call a hook, loser!

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