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Night In The Woods gets definites-for-sure release date

You know we're good for it

I know you’re still upset that indie adventure Night In The Woods [official site] was delayed that one time. And then that other one time. And then that third one time. But the colourful homecoming tale is definitely, DEFINITELY coming out on February 21, the developers say. They made a tweet about it with a poster that has the date on it and everything.

They also made a wee joke about their previous lateness, so they know we are watching them, waiting for them to slip again so we can go in for the kill.

If you don’t know what all this pretty fuss is about, it’s the usual cartoon animal Bildungsroman - cat drops out of college, comes home to see her old friends, everything has changed, there’s something creepy happening in the woods, there’s some stargazing, maybe a dance party, maybe a knife fight. The usual trip back home.

Suffice to say you’ll be doing some platforming and some clicking and some… Guitar Hero??? Whatever the exact composition of this dropout’s life, you’ll be waiting until the latter half of February to experience it. Definitely. We’re certain. February.

Until then, the developers have also made two smaller games set in the same bestial universe. Lost Constellation is a spooky fairytale and Longest Night is a downbeat look at the stars. They’re both free.

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