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Nvidia's new Broadcast app helps you remove your messy room and loud keyboard from video calls

Stop vacuuming while I'm gaming, mom!

If you need to wrest back some control over your environment in these unprecedented times, as they say, Nvidia have launched a new app for that. Their new Nvidia Broadcast application is made for removing annoying noises and messy home offices from the background of your morning work calls or evening livestreaming sessions.

"Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated home studio, or can afford expensive cameras, microphones and greenscreens to improve their production quality," Nvidia say in their announcement post. "These features can be used beyond game broadcasting as well—from video conferencing at home with Zoom, to gaming with friends on Discord."

The system requirements are a touch on the high side, or so they feel to someone like me who only just upgraded from my old 900 series GPU. Nvidia Broadcast calls for a "GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, Titan RTX or higher".

I don't often have to show my face in video calls, nor do I do the livestreaming thing too often these days, but I decided to give the thing a go real quick just for kicks. I've recently moved house and happen to be in possession of one textbook messy office as a result. Whaddaya know, the background blur and replacements both actually did pretty well even in my not terribly well-lit room. It gets a bit tripped up by the edges of my hair or chair as I move around, but it's serviceable enough.

As for the noise cancellation tech, it's the product of Nvidia's RTX Voice from earlier this year. "Thanks to the feedback, plus Tensor Core and software optimizations, we’ve materially reduced the performance cost of the AI network while tripling the number of noise profiles supported," they say.

My typical background noise disturbance is another human playing Halo with his pals, a scenario I haven't been able to put to the test just yet. Perhaps if I'm lucky, Nvidia Broadcast will have a just as unbelievable ability to filter out a gamer across the hall as the impressive leaf blower video from earlier this year. You can also apply the sound reduction tech to your incoming sound as well, in case you're not the noisy one in the party. Nvidia show both at work in the demonstration video above.

If you haven't upgraded to a newer GPU just yet, Nvidia say they've added support for Geforce GTX GPUs to RTX Voice.

You can download the new Broadcast application on Nvidia's website and read a bit more about the tech behind it as well. Best of luck to ye, fellow two-player households.

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