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OCO is a colourful puzzler that looks a bit like Super Hexagon

It arrives on Steam next month

Cool music, pretty colours and lots of nice patterns to jump around amongst await in OCO, a minimalistic puzzler platformer that looks like Super Hexagon collided with Ynglet. It's a former mobile-exclusive that's making its way to PC on August 12th, and it's just a very pleasant, simple game. I love swords, sprawling maps and confusing lore as much as the next person, but sometimes you just fancy a game in which the only interaction you have is making a tiny square jump over some blocks, you know?

Take a peek at the trailer below for an incredibly chill bit of footage with some excellent music accompanying it. It almost seems therapeutic.

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I've played a tiny bit of OCO on my phone (it's free on Android), and it's absolutely the sort of peaceful thing I could lose an hour or so to. In each level, you're plonked onto a rotating mess of 2D blocks. As the level moves around (you're the tiny square), you have to jump at the right times to collect all the little Pac-Man-like pellets and complete the stage.

While OCO has a pretty simple goal, there's a bit of challenge if you want to try and complete a level with the least amount of jumps, or do it in the fastest time. There are hundreds of different levels too, and once you're done with those you can also make your own in the level editor.

Here are some good gifs:

Images from this game remind of those geometric pattern-maker tools you can play with as a kid (which is most definitely not their official name, but you know the ones, they let you make cool mandala art and stuff).

OCO is set to release on PC on August 12th. If you fancy checking it out, head over to the Steam page.

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