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Oral hijinks: Crumble is a game where a blob parkours with its tongue

Lick at this

Very few games utilise the mouth’s mightiest organ to its full potential. I’m talking about the tongue, a truly versatile muscle. One that can taste, talk, entice, insult, and make silly noises. You can't do that with a hand, and yet we so rarely see tongues holding guns in games. That's why Crumble caught my attention. It's a platform game about a blob blobbing across collapsing levels. It respects the tongue, making it the last thing standing between the player and death. There's a demo and a trailer below.

I spotted Crumble on Reddit and just lapped it up. Here's why.

I went poking around and found a demo of it on on Steam, and discovered for myself that movement like that takes practice. The short time I spent with it showed potential, particularly in the level design. In a few minutes, it went from a fairly standard platformer about a blob and its safety tongue, to a race through twisting tracks that tossed my little slimeball into high-speed corners, squishing it into tight turns. That twanged me into a level of collapsing of towers. I went through a lot in a short space of time.

Watch on YouTube

It's not yet perfect. There are a few issues with mouse sensitivity that messed up my best attempts at licking my way to safety, so I wasn't nearly as proficient as the guy in the gif, but knowing that that sort of tongue twisting is possible will bring me back to the demo when I have time.

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