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Overwatch's Busan map is live/a joyful playground for hamsters

Let Reinhardt sing

I'm still getting lost in Rialto, but a new stomping ground has already appeared in Overwatch. Busan is a control point map that you might recognise from that animated D.Va short, featuring the MEKA base, a techno temple and some downtown streets with a murderous train.

I played a couple of rounds this morning, and I like what I see! One of the spawn rooms is a karaoke bar.

You should probably bear in mind that I now see Overwatch solely through the eyes of a mechanised hamster. If Hammond/Wrecking Ball has taken over your life, call this number rejoice! Two out of Busan's three stages are fantastic playgrounds for hyper-intelligent hamsters with grappling hooks. The MEKA base stage is best, because you can swing from the roof and land on elevated platforms that surround the control point. There's even a cliff you can punt people off.

Here, I'll let Blizzard show you around:

Blizzard do like their animated shorts. The map's design team worked with the cinematic crew to make players "feel like they’re in the film as soon as they load into the map", which apparently they haven't done before. Which is neat, I guess, but not nearly as neat as this:


The devs have also tuned up a few misbehaving heroes. Reinhardt's ult is now "more predictable and effective", Widowmaker keeps her momentum if she grapples over a wall and Brigitte falls over if she charges into a charging Reinhardt. Here are the patch notes in full.

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