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Overwatch's Workshop mode gets dummy bots, dancing Reinhardts

A new world of possibility

Overwatch’s latest test region patch brings a clutch of changes to its Workshop, the experimental mode that allows players to create their own games. The biggest is the ability to add dummy bots; characters that have no human or AI driving their actions. Crafty players, then, can use the scripting tools to make them do just about whatever they like. Having seen what people have done with the Workshop already, that’s exciting.

People are already using these dummy bots to create scenarios for aim training, particularly against tricky heroes like Doomfist. This was technically possible before, but it required another player to sit idle in Doomfist’s place, only there to be shot at over and over again. Which was not especially riveting.

But, as with all things in the Workshop, it opens up more off the wall possibilities, too. Like a beautifully choreographed swarm of Reinhardts created by long-time Workshop streamer Darwin.

Pocket Rein Army - 11 Rein bots under your control [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

The question on everyone’s lips, obviously, is: Overwatch auto battler? To which the answer can only be yes. Give it another couple of days, maximum.

Matt’s shown off some of the creative things people have done with the Workshop before, from space battles and Weeping Angels to turn-based 3v3. There’s a great website for finding weird and wonderful codes, and while it doesn’t seem to apply to the test server so can’t collect dummy bot-based creations yet, there’s still plenty to look at. Like “Reinhardt’s Completely Stoned Bumper Car Emporium V10.” Version 10!

“Have you ever thought ‘Man I wish Reinhardt had 6 abilities, 2 ults, mach speed, killstreaks, cancellable charge, and said OOF every time he got hurt’?” asks its description. To which the answer is obviously yes. I think about this all the time. (That's code RCJNV.)

The PTR patch also includes tweaks for Zarya, Sigma, and Bastion, but the biggest change comes to Symmetra, nerfing her despite her being arguably the least usable character in the game continuously since its release, because her pick and win rates climbed a little 2 damage, 2 tanks, 2 healer role lock. God forbid she become playable, apparently.

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