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Persona 5 Strikers Cooking Papa: how to teach Zenkichi to cook in Osaka

How to complete the Cooking Papa mission.

In Persona 5 Strikers, you’ll be given the option to teach Zenkichi how to cook. Talk to him when you first enter Osaka and he’ll talk about how he wishes he was able to offer Akane a better mealtime experience. Fair enough, since all he does is boil veg and meat. Grim. Here’s how to teach Zenkichi how to cook in Persona 5 Strikers.

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How to complete Zenkichi’s cooking request

Zenkichi can be found outside a souvenir shop in Osaka’s Shinsekai area. First, you’ll need to go to him and talk. This is when you’ll hear all about his terrible cooking abilities. It’s hard to hear - no wonder his daughter hates him. Better teach Zenkichi how to cook then.

Accept the mission

First, you need to go to the Requests menu and accept the mission. It’s titled ‘Cooking Papa’, and is requested by Zenkichi ‘This is for my daughter’ Hasegawa. What a cutie. Next, you’ll need to go find your teammates.

Talk to Haru

Fast-travel to Dotonbori: Shopping St. Haru should be standing just to the right of where you are, next to Ryuji. She’s flattered that you chose her, and suggests teaching Zenkichi Obanzai-style cuisine. Nice and simple, rustic, delicious food. Farm-to-table sort of thing. Makes me hungry just writing about it. Now, you need to go back to your requests menu and accept the Obanzai Ingredients request. This requires you to collect the following:

  • Kamo-Nasu Eggplant - available from Shinsekai supermarket (opposite where Zenkichi was standing) for 240 Yen (or Sophia’s shop)
  • Tofu - available from Sophia’s shop for 280 Yen
  • Beef - available from Sophia’s shop for 640 Yen

If these aren’t available to buy from Sophia, you might want to check your requests. If you haven’t yet, complete the Elegant Experiment request from Ichinose, as it rewards you with a wider variety of groceries to buy.

When you have all the ingredients, you’ll receive an Obanzai Recipe upon turning in the request.

Talk to Futaba

Next, head over to the area where Zenkichi gave you a mission and have a chat with Futaba. She’ll say how picky she is about yakisoba, which makes her the perfect taste-tester for Zenkichi’s cooking.

She reckons curry and ramen are the delicious treats kids like to eat. Finish the conversation and go back to the requests menu. Accept the mission ‘Forging the Ultimate Menu’, and go back to the campervan

Cook some meals

You’ll now need to cook the following:

  • Kyoto Curry (beef, onion, rice, kamo-nasu eggplant)
  • Miso Ramen (flour, miso)

Turn in the Forging the Ultimate Menu request, and Futaba will give you an absolute rave review. Now, all you have to do is report the Cooking Papa request, and you’re all done! Congrats, what a great teacher you are.

Your reward is BOND Experience, which you can trade in for BOND skills, obviously.

Delicious. That’s all you need to know when helping a budding chef out. Poor Zenkichi will struggle to keep up, but it’s for his own good. Now, why not try some other Persona 5 Strikers guides? We have tips on the best BOND skills to level up, as well as a tier list for the best Persona 5 Strikers characters.

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