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Phantom Line, the "paranormal SWAT" shooter from former Cyberpunk and Bioshock devs, has a time-limited demo

Available until the 18th of June

The paranormal SWAT ask: Paranormal WHAT? in Phantom Line
Image credit: Antistatic Studios

Phantom Line, the PVE co-op shooter formerly known as Hornet, has an early demo available until the 18th of June, 2024. It’s from Antistatic Studios, who include former Cyberpunk 2077, Bioshock, and Borderlands devs among their ranks. The FPS lets you and up to three great mates fill the ectoplasm-stained tactical boots worn by members of the ‘paranormal SWAT’, where you’ll explore large maps and try to contain strange goings on. You’ll need to join the game’s Discord if you want to play. Trailer below.

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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of joining and downloading the demo based on the scant details from the trailer, YouTuber ENFANT TERRIBLE has uploaded an entire 50 minute session. I have no idea who they are, though, so while I’m sure they’re lovely, don’t come to me if it turns out they barbecue babies for fun or something.

Watch on YouTube

The game looks to be stuffed with creepy pasta and conspiracy theory-esque paranormal shenanigans. Back when the game was called Hornet, Edwin wrote about its ARG marketing campaign, which included a ‘found footage’ video and a mock conspiracy theory website named AnomaLeaks. I must say, I do enjoy this sort of thing. Does anyone remember those choose your adventure books you’d get with audio tapes and other paraphernalia where you’d have to piece the story together? There was a semi-famous one with werewolves, I believe.

Phantom Line does not, at time of writing, appear to feature werewolves, and looks to be going more for slow build, exploration, horror-with-mates vibes. But what it lacks in big dogs, it makes up for in pedigree. The line-up at Antistatic include former Cyberpunk 2077 writer Lukasz Ludkowski and Kris Teper, former Bioshock series lead environment artist. I’ve also just noticed they’ve described the studio as "committed to…the immersive sim genre.” And now I’m suddenly extremely interested, mark for piling crates on top of each other that I am.

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