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Check out slime stealth, shadow hopping, and other neat indie PitchYaGame submissions

A feast of indie games to gander at

Scrolling through oodles of videos of in progress indie games is always a treat. I hope everyone else has as big a sweet tooth as me because there are a heck of a lot of indie game goodies to check out thanks to the recent PitchYaGame awards. Indie developers have served up the freshest looks at their games for us to drool over and there's everything from optical illusion puzzles, to stealthy slimes, to city builders, to skateboarding.

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PitchYaGame started out last year as a Twitter event for folks to share a look at their games. It's now adopted a biannual schedule and is handing out some money prizes to winning submissions from this month. You can spot more on the event itself over on the PitchYaGame site. Let's take a look at some of the goods, shall we?

First up is Schim, a rather neat looking 3D platformer about hopping through shadows as a tiny little shadow creature. The video down here does a pretty nice job of showing off some of the puzzle-y platforming bits. Some shadows are static, like benches and trees and such. Other things like humans and animals move, and can carry you around in their shadow once you've hopped into it. Neater still are the searchlights you can spot in there, which sweep back and forth exaggerating shadows as they go. It looks pretty swell and you can keep an eye out for a release date over on Steam and Itch.

LakeSide down here looks quite pretty even in still images. It's a cross-section view city-builder set on, yup, a big lake. I've always found city building games to be a bit daunting but something about the side on view makes it look a little less intimidating than scrolling around a giant, top-down map. You will still manage resources, mind, and keep your citizens alive as you expand and construct new buildings and world wonders. That one will be launching in early access first, which you can watch for over on Steam.

The Slime & The Witch puts you in the gooey form of every adventurer's first conquest. As a lowly dungeon slime you'll use a bit of stealth to keep would-be heroes out of your dungeon. Just look at that gnarly slime creature rolling about, too. It's a riot to watch. You can even see the gear and skeletons of your kills wiggling around in your slime-y innards. The developer has also shared some fun and wild alternate slime looks like the mirror slime and what I'm personally dubbing oil spill slime. You can keep an eye on this one over on developer Brian May's (formerly of 343 Industries, not Queen) Twitter profile.

Instead of going on and on forever, which I'd totally do, I'll let the last few down here pitch themselves. They've done a fine job of it. You should definitely head over to the hashtag on Twitter for yourself, because there are plenty of other weird and swell looking pitches to spy. What catches your eye will be different from mine.

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