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Platinum announce arcade shmup Sol Cresta, maybe not as a joke this time

It was their April Fool's joke last year, but this year?

After announcing retro-styled shoot 'em up Sol Cresta as an April Fool's joke last year, Bayonetta devs PlatinumGames have used this April Fool's Day to... announce retro-styled shoot 'em up Sol Cresta? Supposedly for really reals this time? A collaboration with Hamster Corporation, it's inspired by 80s shmups Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, and supposedly launching this year. For real. Maybe. April Fool's Day is bad.

Platinum first announced Sol Cresta in a video on April 1st, 2020, then turned and said it was a joke. Now they've announced Sol Cresta again, and this time it looks more real?

Backing it up is the fact that Hamster apparently trademarked Sol Cresta in February. Platinum's website talks about introducing "the Neo-Classic Arcade Series".

Sol Cresta is apparently/supposedly/maybe launching this year for PC via Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

I rarely enjoy April Fool's Day, and not just because my inbox gets flooded with ha-ha-hilarious jokes from marketing companies who are simply not funny. And too many of the jokes are "Oh you'd like this thing? Too bad, it's not real!" which is both unfunny and disappointing. Others are just mean-spirited or disparaging. And then the frustration of people announcing things which look like jokes but are real, like I think this is? I wouldn't post it if I didn't think it was prrrobably real. I promise I will not post all the bad jokes today.

Ah, but then someone will actually deliver on a good joke, like Plunkbat's real fantasy LARP mode last year, and I'll think maybe the day's worth it. Though I'd like to point out you can tell jokes any day, if you want.

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