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Plunder Panic is the next free game for RPS premium supporters

And you can get your code right now

As part of our relaunched supporter program this year, we've been busy organising lots of great free game keys for RPS premium supporters. Admittedly, the last two we've done (Darkest Dungeon and Wartales) have both been quite small with only limited numbers of codes available, but I'm pleased to say we've finally put together that long-awaited 'big' free game drop that all premium supporters will be able to get involved with.

That next free game is Plunder Panic, a swashbuckling pirate 'em up in which teams of up to six players battle it out on the high seas. Here's how to get your copy.

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Plunder Panic launched into early access on Steam just a few months ago, and today it receives its first big content update, which adds online matchmaking to its 6v6 arcade-style battles. The aim of the game is to take out the opposing crew, either by stealing their treasure, defeating the enemy captain or sinking their ship. Think Sea Of Thieves, but as a 2D pixel brawler and you're halfway there. You needn't worry about rustling up 11 other players if you don't want to either, as Plunder Panic supports all sorts of team configurations, including local, online and players controlled by AI if you'd rather play solo.

Developers Will Winn Games are aiming for a full release next February, and plan to use their time in early access to add more competitive game modes, extra items and weapons, more battle modifiers, additional levels and hazards as well as player stat tracking and individual achievements. You can also help shape what these will be by joining in the game's official Discord.

To claim your code as an RPS premium supporter, sign in to your ReedPop ID right now you'll be able to get your code by visiting the Codes page on your account. You can then boot up Steam, click "Activate a Product on Steam..." and copy in your key to start downloading.

As mentioned above, we have a lot more keys to go around this time, which is why we aren't doing an announcement post in advance. If you don't yet support RPS and want to, you can view the tiers and benefits and sign up here. By supporting RPS, you're helping to keep RPS daft, but you also get an ad-free site and, for premium-tier supporters, extra posts, podcasts and game keys like this one right here. Enjoy!

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