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PSI Powered: New Damnation Info

Damnation may look as dumb as a box of rocks, but I'm looking forward to it. As the latest trailer - below - shows, it's being made on an enormous scale with astounding amounts of detail. And if they can stick to promises that you can break through doors and windows, that'll make getting around a lot more refreshing. The new bits and pieces shown today are about the enemy organisation, rather meekly called Prescott Standard Industries.

While it's desirable to think this could be the work of one rotund, former front bench fist-throwing MP, it is in fact the corporation of W.D. Prescott, creators of steam-powered automaton soldiers and other weapons of steampunk war. It's your job to prevent PSI from taking over the last few free cities. Yes, you. There's a brief explanation of who they are and what they're up to below. What there aren't are more details on how this will be the first shooter to take advantage of the Y-axis. There is, however, a video featuring information about this on the game's site, here, which by some degree of lunacy isn't available to be embedded. Anyhow, here's the enemy info:

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