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Race to solve puzzles in Escape Simulator's new versus update

I already know I'd lose

For a few evenings last year, a friend and I had fun playing escape room puzzler Escape Simulator. He's smarter than I am, which was a boon because we were playing coopratively. It might be less beneficial now, since Pine Studio have just released Escape Simulator's "Versus Update". It lets you race to solve escape room puzzles competitively, with a new "truly challenging room that takes place on a quiz show from the '80s."

A trailer for Escape Simulator's Versus update.Watch on YouTube

The new versus mode works with any previously created puzzle room. The difference is that if you load it up, you won't appear together in the same instance, but separately in your own version of the level. You can then race to complete it, with a progress bar letting you know how you're performing compared to the other players.

The new room set within an '80s game show was also created specifically with versus mode in mind, meaning that it's "truly challenging". You can play it in either easy or hard modes, however, and you can still play it cooperatively if you'd prefer a more chill multiplayer experience.

Pine Studio have also announced a new 'Build-A-Room' competition, where players can design their own Versus mode puzzle room for a chance to win cash prizes. The full details are in the Steam announcement, alongside a complete changelog for the latest update.

I've never done an escape room in real life, but I played a handful of digital equivalents last year. Escape Simulator and Escape Academy, which Ed reviewed, have partly fused in my memory, although I think I preferred the former.

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