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Radiohead team up with Epic Games for a virtual exhibition

Kid A Mnesia is "an upside-down digital/analogue universe" celebrating the bands old albums

Radiohead are releasing a digital exhibition to celebrate the 21-year anniversary of their Kid A and Amnesiac albums, and it'll be available on the Epic Games Store this November. It's called the Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, and from the sounds of things we'll be able to explore some sort of interactive environment while we listen to the band's old iconic tunes. This certainly wasn't an Epic exclusive I was expecting, but it sounds pretty cool nonetheless.

According to a press release, the Kid A Mnesia exhibition "is an upside-down digital/analogue universe created from Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood’s original artwork and audio design by Nigel Godrich."

Radiohead worked with both Epic, namethemachine (who create software for live shows and interactive performances) and Arbitrarily Good Productions to make the exhibition. Its release seems set to coincide with the reissue of the old Kid A and Amnesiac albums, Kid Amnesiae, which comes out on November 5th (via Pitchfork).

There's no word on whether it will be an interactive thing like, say, the League Of Legends Pentakill concert that took place the other night (that had viewers clicking furiously to send off fireworks and voting for what would happen). Though being an "exhibition" it implies more observing, and less audience participation.

On the Epic Games Store page for the exhibition it lists its genres as "exploration" and "first-person", and its features as "single player" and "controller support". Take from that what you will, but at the very least it seems likely we'll be wandering around some cool areas while listening to some sweet tunes. We'll find out for sure sometime this November.

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