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Rage 2 blasts first gameplay video

Carfights and faceshoots

Tonight we got our first real look at Rage 2, the sequel to Id Software's 2011 post-apocalyptic drive-o-shooter, in its first gameplay video. After Andrew WK and his chums finished rocking out on stage, anyway (a thing that happened, and I was glad to see at 2:30am?). Click on through for faceshooting, carfights, and some real fancy superpowers.

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Rage 2 is being made by Avalanche Studios, the makers of Mad Max and Just Cause, together with Id Software. Avalanche are actually using their own tech, the Apex engine used in their other games, rather than building on Id's old Rageguts. A lot of why I like Id shooters is how they feel, so I'm getting a little wistful contemplating this, but I shouldn't judge before I've touched it.

Spring 2019 is when we should expect Rage 2 to launch.

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