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Oh, And Rainbow Six Siege Has A Free Weekend Too

So much face-shooting!

If you want to shoot faces in new and exciting ways, oh my giddy aunt you're spoilt for choice this weekend! Gearbox's Battleborn has an open beta going on, id Software's new Doom's has kicked off an open beta too, and oh mercy me I've just noticed Rainbow Six Siege has a free trial weekend too. Strewth! That's a fair amount of the face-shooting spectrum covered there, from wall-bursting tactical action through hellfire to co-op storyshoots and MOBAing.

Pip has coined the excellent term 'freekend'.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical FPS with one team of naughty people trying to fortify and defend positions against goodcops, with destructible levels folks can blast paths through. The official RPS stance (as much as we have such a thing, anyway) is: we like it! And until 9pm (UK time) on Sunday, you can download and try the whole game in a free trial weekend. You can install it through Steam (it's also in the 'Free Games' section of Ubisoft's Uplay client, but doesn't seem to work for me).

Siege is also on sale this weekend with a 33% discount, bringing it down to £25.99 on Uplay and £26.79 on Steam. Its DLC is on sale too.

Oh, and Blizzard's Overwatch also has beta weekend going on. This is a closed test, mind, but Blizzard say they've invited a lot more people to this one. Check your e-mail to see if you're in?

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