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Rat out some discounts with Steam's Lunar New Year Sale

Rat race

How are you celebrating the year of the rat? Cheeseboard, perhaps? Steam, predictably, are celebrating as they always do with another store-wide Lunar New Year Sale running today through Monday 27th. Beyond slashing the cost of thousands of games, Steam are bringing back last year's rewards system - letting you grind out Rat Tokens in exchange for cosmetic goodies, or pick up extra coupons to further your spending spree.

From today through Monday 27th, logging onto Steam will net you a red envelope containing Year Of The Rat tokens. Of course, waiting for freebies will only get you so far. Valve want you to spend money in their big money-spending event, and will hand over 131 tokens for every £1 (100 tokens to the dollar) spent during the sale.

These can be spent at the Lunar New Year Night Market which - rather than a melting pot of Steam's sauciest delights - is full seasonal goods to spruce up your Steam profile. Animated profile backgrounds, mini-profile backgrounds, chat room effects, stickers, and the like are up for grabs if you've got tokens to flaunt. Plenty of bewildered-looking animated rodents to spam at your friends in there.

Like last year's event, you'll also be able to use your ill-gotten rat money to pick up Lunar New Year Coupons, which can be spent to grant further discounts throughout the event. 5,000 tokens will get you £3.80 off your next purchase. With a meagre 100 tokens gifted daily, it's very much a "spend money to save money" situation.

As before, they're offering this swathe of discounts and daily rewards under the guise of retelling the origin story of the Zodiac - one where, instead of critters competing for the Jade Emperor's favour, he hands you a fiver off Planet Zoo, the absolute lad. Each day's gift also gives you a little story tidbit, which may honestly be more valuable than the tokens. What's education worth, compared to one-fifth of a rat gif?

Steam's Lunar New Year Sale runs until Monday 27th at 6pm (10am Pacific). Standard sales etiquette applies, readers - don't bloat out your backlog with games you'll never get around to.

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