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Resident Evil Village mods are extremely unsettling already

Would Ethan be trying so hard if this were his baby?

Resident Evil Village modders have been working frighteningly fast. Not long after the game's free demo was available on PC, they'd already put Thomas The Tank Engine's head on very tall Lady Dimitrescu and also turned enemies into Barney. Those are funny, don't get me wrong, but they're part of the expected suite of PC mods these days. Someone always adds Thomas, right? Resident Evil Village has properly launched now, and things are getting weirder very quickly, as proven by Ethan and Mia Winters' terrible baby Chris Redfield.

If Resident Evil Village weren't horrifying enough already, here's the Mini Me Chris mod by modder "JTegh". The worst part, worse even than the image of a grown man's face on a baby, is that the baby's face is animated. Those animations work, apparently, on grown Chris's face too. Forget vampire mom. That's terrifying.

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Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu, here's a Lady X mod that gives her the bluish, wrinkled skin of Mr. X. It's maybe not quite as unsettling as baby Redfield, but still pretty creepy. The same modder, "ZombieAli" has also shared some images of Casual Alcina wearing a sweater and skinny jeans, because even giant vampire moms can't do formal wear every day. That one isn't so much creepy, or at least it doesn't seem to be until she kills you I suppose.

Folks are currently using the Fluffy Mod Manager to get horrifying replacements like these into Village.

Let's not forget that Village launched on Friday. That was three days ago. As ever, modders do the darndest things and do them well to boot. I will continue to admire their creativity, even when it gives me the creeps.

If you've moved in to the village but aren't quite ready to mod it just yet, here are the best PC settings for Resident Evil Village, a helpful guide to Resident Evil Village's weapons, and our Resident Evil Village review in which Ed says the first half is great and the second half goes off the rails a bit.

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