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Ride piggy-back on colossal boars in this Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

Hog wild

Y'all still riding horses out there? It's 1899, son, get with the times. A new, in-development Red Dead Redemption 2 mod has opened the stables to all manner of wild bears, boars cougars and more. After all, there ain't a sight in the West more terrifying than a grim outlaw with a fistful of bullets, nothing to lose, and 500 pounds of furious pork under his saddle.

Pointed out by the folks over at RPS fanzine PC Gamer, Pig Rider isn't being coy with its name. The work of modder JulioNIB - who'd previously modded Grand Theft Auto V to let you lark about as The Hulk, Iron Man, or a bleedin' Shark - Pig Rider lets you romp about RDR2's frontier on a range of comically supersized brutes.

Despite the name, Pig Rider has ambitions for more mountable beasts beyond those horse-sized piglets. JulioNIB plans to let you roam the wilds on all manner of beasties, with the mod page showing off wagon-sized cougars, bears and wolves. That pig, though, that's the real star of the show. A horse may be lean, elegant even. But your particular Arthur Morgan may be more suited to the sheer brute force of a four-legged pork battering ram.

It is decisively the most (resident RPS beastmaster) Nate Crowley goddamn Red Dead Redemption 2 mod I've ever seen. Your man's currently in the business of reviewing all 234 animals in Rockstar's cowboy epic, and I'm curious - where does a truck-sized boar rank compared to its more modest barnyard kin? If an American Alligator (Small) is worth only half as much as an American Alligator, does a ten-ton cougar rate ten times as highly?

While currently still in development, budding boar-jockeys can have a pop at Pig Rider by pitching in $5 or more over on JulioNIB's Patreon. Yee-haw.

Disclosure: My partner is a programmer at Rockstar North, which - under the whole lockdown thing - now means that an entire room of our flat is off-limits as a makeshift Rockstar home office. Rude.

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