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Ritual Of The Moon diary: day 15

Goodbye for a bit

There was no diary yesterday, but today is in fact yesterday's diary. If that makes sense. Because today I am going on holiday and I am leaving my computer behind. No diaries for a week. I hope Marty Burnham The Moon Witch will be okay. I hope the earth will be okay. Without context that sounds extremely conceited, doesn't it?

I suppose part of a ritual is seeing if you can prioritise it, and it turns out that for the next week I cannot, although I will continue the ritual of taking my actual real life pills. I take them last thing at night, and do The Moon Ritual first thing in the morning.

Marty's thoughts made me think about what people do and do not do for love, and how people show love in different ways. At my TRPG group this week I was talking to my friend John, and he said that sometimes he thinks gift giving can be a form of ownership, so Marty Burnham made me think about that.

I think he's right. When someone gives you a really expensive present you feel like you owe them, especially if you couldn't afford it yourself (and, somehow, especially especially if it doesn't seem like a big expense to them). This is why I'd never let anyone pay for my food on a date, see? We're looping back to emotional labour again.

While I'm gone, I'm going to think more carefully about the sort of gifts I give, and why, and what sort of gift would be meaningful to Marty Burnham when I get back. Apart from not being left alone. Erk.

Today's ritual drawing is a mountain with happy little trees.

Ritual Of The Moon is available from Steam now.

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