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Ritual Of The Moon diary: day 20

Who wants to live forever?

Today is a day late because I was a) busy yesterday and b) the playthrough ended up being a pretty good cliffhanger for the weekend. It seems that the extremely long timeline over which I've ended up playing this may have interrupted the natural flow of the game.

Here, after over a month (but which should have been three weeks), we see that Marty Burnham is considering what we may call her ultimate choice.

As we know, Marty Burnham was exiled by Earth but now chooses to protect it, every single day (excluding times I make a mistake, which isn't her fault), from meteor attacks. And I have pondered about her doing that, despite the fact that nobody knows she's doing it.

Sometimes you might end up doing work after hours or at weekends. If you have a bad boss they won't notice (tell them, and stop doing it). If you have a really bad boss, they'll notice and then, if you stop, ask you why you aren't working at weekends any more like you used to.

It seems that this has dawned on Marty Burnham, because she has presented two new options:

1) Perform a ritual that will mean she lives forever, always protecting the earth.

2) Aim a meteor at herself, thus dying and no longer feeling responsible for a whole planet.

Neither is ideal. And it's actually my choice, because I'm the one in the driving seat. I don't know which one I'd choose for myself. Probably living forever, because death is scary.

And there isn't a third option for not giving a shit. If only Marty didn't care!

Tune in next week as I hash out the possibilities. The ritual drawing today is an avocado.

Also, Marty has provided a great mantra for the long weekend.

Ritual Of The Moon is available from Steam now.

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