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Ritual Of The Moon diary day 22

Short and umami

The Moon Ritual is still a bit out of sync. I have a week left, still, and missed another meteor at the weekend. The world is looking a bit Swiss cheesey. I'm struggling to find something to think about today because I just rushed through it, in business, because I have something else I need to do. Ack, ack. I have no pithy wisdom darts to throw in your eye and, really, Marty Burnham The Moon Witch didn't have any for me. I think I've seen her thoughts today before.

Perhaps Marty, like me, is tired, and thinking in circular ways. But I really have nothing for you, nothing that I can think of in the half an hour before I leave the office, anyway. I saw John Wick 3 at the weekend. It was pretty good. I volunteered at MCM ComicCon London. I ate a vegan sushirrito. I went to something called All Points East. I'm a bit hungover. These are things I have done. I can't focus on anything more meaningful. It's like rubbing my head and patting my tummy at the same time. No, wait, the other way around. Even playing Space Engineers today was kind of hard, and we were building a big spider (check back tomorrow to see what I'm talking about, Wastes Of Space fans!!!).

I'm going to go home and make mac 'n' cheese. Sorry, everyone. Sorry Marty. Argh.

Today's ritual drawing is some vampy fangs because I've been watching What We Do In The Shadows.

Ritual Of The Moon is available from Steam now.

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