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Ritual Of The Moon diary: day back at work

We're heading in the direction of periods again, I'm afraid

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I promise I played! I have transferred Marty Burnham the Moon Witch back to my work PC, but there's been another small time skip, so Marty was forced to live through day seven again and, even worse, let the meteor hit earth on day six.

I am inadvertently exposing Marty Burnham to a lot of existential complications. At least two different versions of her exist. Plus the versions of her that anyone else playing this has created in their heads. They're probably not all called Marty, for starters. And they don't know that each of the others exists! So in fact I'm mostly heaping existential concerns on myself, but on behalf of Marty. Existentialism by proxy.

(I should note that I don't blame Kara Stone for the time skips even a bit. It's my fault for going on holiday and doing all this computer swap nonsense.)

It got me thinking about my contraceptive pills again, and skipping around and forgetting them sometimes. I only realised today that the calendar in Ritual Of The Moon looks like a pack of birth control pills. It's taken me this long because it looks like an American pack, where you can get circular ones. In the UK you're more likely to get a rectangular pack with little days of the week written under each pill. This made me consider that if Marty Burnham misses too many meteors, something bad will happen. I'm not sure what a pregnancy metaphor would be in this game.

The funny thing of course is that if people knew Marty Burnham were up there, they would start saying it was her fault the earth was getting destroyed, even though she isn't causing the meteors. And obviously, the responsibility for birth control is still placed more on women than men. If I get pregnant because I miss taking my pill, it will be my fault and not the man's fault for not, I dunno, not using a condom? If you're the sort of dude who has said that it "doesn't feel the same" with a condom on as an excuse to not wear one, I can almost guarantee that you're not making her feel much of anything at all.

People with wombs are just siren temptations who should keep control of the terrible reproductive power within them, dammit. If a man accidentally trips and falls into that swampy mess of fertility (and wiggles around a bit), who can blame him?

I've just remembered that some traditions call for women who are having a period to leave and go and live in a special I'm On The Blob hut. Can't believe it has taken me this long to make these connections.

Ritual Of The Moon is available from Steam now.

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