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Road To Guangdong will take a road trip through 90s China

What a lovely journey

Pack a picnic, shout "Shotgun!", hop in the car, hit the road, and come back ten minutes later just to double-check you turned the oven off. It's almost time for a road trip through 1990s China in Road To Guangdong, announced this week for an early access launch in May. Fresh-faced graduated Sunny is off through the province of Guangdong with her Aunt to save the family restaurant, meeting relatives and collecting recipes along the way - and trying to keep the car running. Yup, a bit like in Jalopy, it's a long journey and the car might not be up to it. Have a look in the announcement trailer below.

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Sunny's just inherited the family restaurant, see, so off she goes with her 68-year-old aunt to reconnect with family and gather the secret recipes. And trying to keep the car going with maintenance and repairs and oh no.

Road To Guangdong is made by Just Add Oil Games, a team including writer Yen Ooi.

Publishers Excalibur stress in their marketing that they also publish MinksWorks' Jalopy, so presumably it's somewhat similar - or at least pitched at a similar audience. I am part of that audience. I will drive that car. I will care for that car. I will entertain that relative. Aunts love me.

Speaking of Jalopy, an overhaul is in the works, rewriting it within a new version of Unity. This should allow for more fixes and polish. Greg Pryjmachuk has started on his next too, a construction game called Landlord's Super, set during Northern England in the 1980s. Heck yes it has minute interactions.

Road To Guangdong is headed to Steam Early Access on May 16th with its first chapter. The plan is to spend 2-3 months in early access while finishing the rest and polishing it up following player feedback, though if I had a penny for every time a game overran its estimated early access time I'd be miffed with how many useless coins I had and probably spend half an hour feeding them into the self-service checkout down Tesco because I'm stubborn that way and the clinking detritus will eventually become a 'free' Meal Deal.

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