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Rockstar are launching an actual record label called CircoLoco Records

The first track off its upcoming record has already dropped

What are Rockstar launching this week? No, it isn't Grand Theft Auto V on another platform. It's also not another nightclub inside of GTA Online, but that is warmer. Rockstar have actually partnered with club music event hosts CircoLoco to launch CircoLoco Records. Yes, in real life, not in GTA. The label's first compliation record, Monday Dreamin’, releases on July 9th but they've already debuted the first track off the album.

The first track off of Monday Dreamin' is already available. "Lumartes" by Seth Troxler is featured in the announcement video for the label down below. CircoLoco say that the first of four weekly EPs will debut next Friday, June 4th, leading up to the full compilation's date in July.

"CircoLoco Records is bringing together familiar names from the world of GTA Online and CircoLoco’s past and future in a brand new way, supporting dance music culture during one of the most fraught periods ever experienced for clubs and club culture," they say.

As Rockstar add in the announcement, music is routinely a pretty big part of their games, "from the championing of underground artists and scenes across our titles, to the meticulously curated radio stations of the Grand Theft Auto series."

Late last year, they added The Music Locker club to GTA Online which featured music sets by real artists, some of whom are also involved in this first record from CircoLoco.

CircoLoco records also say they're "fusing the physical and digital worlds of entertainment in an extension of our efforts to bring underground dance music culture to a broader audience."

At a guess, that likely means more tie-ins with real world artists to Rockstar's club spaces in GTA Online.

CircoLoco Records shares more in the announcement on their website.

No complaints here about exposure to new music. I'm willing to bet just about everyone who's spent time driving about in GTAV or GTA Online has gotten attached to at least one earworm that then introduced them to an artist they'd not have otherwise known. Mine is "Old Love / New Love" by Twin Shadow that plays on Radio Mirror Park. How about you?

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