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Save $50 on the Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless keyboard this Black Friday

It's only logical to grab this tech

Black Friday has flooded us all with a multitude of deals on everything from mice to micro SD's - so why stop now? Another saving has popped up for the Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless keyboard - saving a sweet $50 for anyone in the US.

Logitech's family of G915 keyboards is seemingly endless - for each fullsize, there is a smaller and/or wireless version to match. Here we have the full-size version of Logitech's wireless keyboard, unlike the TKL model that's also been on sale. Basically, this one is a mechanical board with all the regular keyboard keys, is the usual shape and size, but is wireless so can be placed wherever you like without a pesky cable interfering.

The Lightspeed keyboard may have a seemingly hefty price for a keyboard, but it does live up to the tag. It features adjustable feet (that tell you the angle they go to, for some wild reason), and has the choice of clicky, linear or tactile keys. The keys themselves are super responsive, which is grand. Aesthetically it is pleasing too; it's sleek and smooth with rounded edges, and an aluminum base which makes the price feel worth it.

Being a wireless keyboard, you may be worried about the battery life on the G915, but never fear - Logitech thought about this. They say it lasts for 30 hours with the LED brightness at 100%, but as per Katharine's review, it seems to be even longer than that. It only takes a few hours to recharge, should it somehow run out, and can be used while charging. All in all, a very worthwhile purchase, even if it does seem a little steep.

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