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PvPvE shooter Scavengers launches in early access via Twitch Drops

Stay and watch a while to get access

Freezy survival-ish battle royaler Scavengers launches today in early access. Although we've got more than enough squad-based royale 'em ups in every flavor right now, Scavengers seems to lean into the "environment" bit of PvPvE enough to have caught my attention. It's caught plenty of other folks' attention too, it seems. Scavengers is entertaining over 100,000 viewers on Twitch at the moment, though it surely owes a good chunk of that to the fact that it's currently handing out early access keys exclusively through Twitch Drops. It will be openly available free to play in early access "in the near future".

If you'd not been following Scavengers, as I hadn't been until earlier this week, the gist is that it's a class-based and squad-based battle royaler. It's got shades of survival in there too and apparently quite a lot of AI enemies and bosses thrown in.

"Explorers are equipped with a combination of powerful abilities and futuristic weaponry to survive in a strategic battleground that blends sandbox-style PvE and class-based PvP," Midwinter Entertainment say.

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From what I've seen so far, and Scavengers' own descriptions, it seems like you'll spend a decent amount of time dealing with the PvE enemies and threats, not just fighting off other players. That's my personal preference for online shooters, so its one I'm keen to keep an eye on. For me, and maybe for other folks who only dabble in shooters, actually playing will come down to whether I can lure my favorite squadmates away from Call Of Duty: Warzone.

"To help with onboarding and to kick-start our Twitch community, new players can get access by watching Scavengers Twitch streams that have Twitch Drops enabled," Midwinter say. You'll only need to watch 30 minutes of a stream before claiming a Steam key, which is a pretty breezy requirement if you're actually keen to play. I'll have clocked that just by watching someone play while writing this post. Midwinter give the details on linking your Improbable account with your Twitch account over in their announcement post.

Midwinter say that giving access via Twitch Drops is only temporary to help kick off their Twitch presence. They're not super clear on when access will be totally open, though. Their press release says that they have "plans to open up to all players thereafter" and "in the near future", so your guess is as good as mine. Couple days? A week tops, maybe?

Scavengers is now in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It will be free-to-play during and after early access, which it plans to remain in for "a few months at least".

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