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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Desert oceans, cursed televisions and thieving woodland critters

Boats, Raccoons, and a haunted telly

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Each week, a procession of game developers and aspiring hobbyists come heads bowed, offering up their darling prototypes and unfinished works. Each week, I am burdened with selecting a scant handful to present to you, dear reader. This week: sailing sandy seas, a medieval delivery service, bin-raking bandits and the worst television.

Vast, featureless, quietly hostile and flowing with the changing wind - deserts are basically oceans, Red Sails reckons, so why not put a boat in one?

Conceived as a student project from game design graduate Leonardo Montes, Red Sails is an unconventional exploration game about sailing the desert in search of stranded travellers. I adore the way the sands shift and part like water while retaining enough physicality to feel solid, granular - painted in warm tones that immediately evoke a similar sailing piece from Lieve Oma developer Florian Veltman.

You can't stay at sea (sand or no) forever, though. Making landfall, we emerge from the wind-swept fields to find a lonely old tower in Kunstaat's Fechex Quest.

It's almost annoying how "videogame" a name that is for such a delightful-looking game. While described as a medieval/fantasy delivery game, there's little of the clutter or "ye olde" flair that such a description might entail. Instead, Kunstaat's spaces are wide, soft, painted in very distinct panels and broad strokes like a more deliberately three-dimensional Proteus. I'm ready to tread through these woods - just, maybe under a more fitting title, yeah?

Oh, to be a raccoon walking through the streets at dawn, searching for a bin to rake and a ruckus to start.

While this week's capture of Christian Sparks' untitled raccoon 'em up is looking mighty pretty, it's the garbage-critter itself that's been the star over the last few weeks. Long before the fancy lighting effects and bold textures, each week has seen the wee thing learn to walk, run, climb, and commit grand theft donut against a small family business convincingly. You know, the raccoon fundamentals.

Finally - I'm feeling pretty good about not having a telly anymore, readers. Anyone fancy a smooch?


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