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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Old trains, messy hair and a very soggy dog

Sorry for the wet dog smell.

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Time for a break from whatever chores you're filling this cold Sunday with, pop the kettle on, and peruse some lovely in-development screenshots, gifs and vids with your pals here at RPS. This week: wobbly snakes, old-fashioned trains, tough weather for wolves and a bad hair day.

As someone with extremely frizzy Irish hair, our first shot is extremely relatable to me, specifically.

Besides accurately capturing what it looks like when I blow-dry my hair, Lost In Play is a gorgeous animated point 'n' click that flaunts its influences proudly. Due for release in 2021 on Steam, it immediately evokes Over The Garden Wall, if more summery and lighthearted, following two siblings through whimsical misadventures as they try to find their way home.

Next up - this might be good weather for ducks, but it's rotten for dogs. Someone get this poor pooch a jacket.

Putting you in the paws of a precocious puppy, Halley's Dream is a gorgeous canine adventure. Exact deets on Xomti Game Studio's debut are hard to come by, but they've painted some stunning vistas to bound through on four legs - from today's lightning-struck forests to otherworldly dreamscapes in the cosmos. Suffice to say, this probably isn't going to be your bog-standard walk in the park.

Now, there are plenty of snakes you should give a wide berth to. But I'd be outright terrified of finding a pistol-toting cobra while out for a walk.

We've seen Yongmin Park's wobbly guns in a previous Screenshots post, of course. But now, he's swapped smirking string arms for a deadly snake. While it may make even less sense, it's opened up the doors to all these delightful navigation puzzles a la Snake Pass. It's exciting to see this snake slither away from its roots as a jam entry, and towards a full-featured puzzle/platformer/shooter in its own right.

Finally - this train might seem dated, sure. But compared to some of the Pacers I've ridden 'round the north, it's practically cutting-edge.

I do miss trains, huh. Ben Jones might not be able to paint the eastern coastline or a trip over the Tay, but I could ride through these PICO-8 landscapes for hours - free from stressing over delays, wrestling footspace or trying to drown out the hen party three rows back.

Next stop, Bean's Gate.

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