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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Painted trips, sharp drifts and office chair kickflips

Stunting on screenshots.

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! There you are, kicking over piles of dried-out dead leaves on the pavement, only to discover there were a load of old game development screenshots, videos and gifs hidden under there. Let's hang 'em up on the wall properly, eh? This week: A painted prison, razor-sharp drifting, office chair kickflips and transdimensional headphones.

This has to be at least the second or third time Kev's office-chair hijinks have shown up in this column, but that's only because it seems to dramatically change every time I check in on it.

While I can only assume this week's post is a new twist on seated, sliding deathmatch Last Man Sitting, there's a firm no-slouching policy in this latest gifset. The seated bloodbath has been adding a few elements from Tony Hawk's toolbox lately, adding grind-rails and stunts to its gunslinging office pranks that'd look right at home in My Friend Pedro - but I reckon Kev's made a firm case for a standalone chair kickflipper.

I'm certainly not a little jealous that this suit is already pulling off airwalks and 50-50 chair-grinds while I'm out here still trying to land a shuvit consistently. Not one bit.

Next up: Disc Room? Maire like Disc Vroom.

To coincide with the launch of the razor-sharp dodge 'em up, Devolver Digital are currently running the Disc Room Game Jam - providing a heap of assets and tutorials for folks to make their own bloody blade puzzles. My favourite of these has to be Cukia Kimani's take above, which turns the tables by putting you behind the wheel of a drift-prone car blasting sawblades out of its bonnet.

Things have chilled out a little in our next piece. Despite the name, Summertime Madness looks an utterly serene first-person puzzler.

Like so many Italian plumbers before him, DP Games' gorgeous debut follows an artist trapped inside one of his paintings following a deal with the devil gone wrong. Fittingly, the game itself is a right stunner, framing its chill problem-solving in a vivid, painted world. Bold colours and bright skies greet us in many of the Steam page's official screenshots - though, as pictured above, it looks like our protagonist has been delving into the realm of the dark and dramatic lately.

Finally - I don't tend to delve into the murky swamps of VR in this column, on account of not owning a headset myself. Nevertheless, I reckon it's time for a trip to the frog dimension.

I adore the tactility of Naam's fly-bitten world, here. If there's something above VR I'll never get over, it's the joy of seeing people create physical tools and props out of thin air, and centring your game around the idea of popping on a pair of digital headphones is a great call. Mostly, though, I just want to visit the realm of the frogs. Has to be better than what's going on back here in the human world.

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