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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Snail photography, smart fridges, shadows and spines

Bad chiropractic practice

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Every week, developers and hobbyist take their van down to the village green to flog screenshots, gifs and short videos of their latest works for a discerning crowd. As usual, I'm here with my personal top picks from the bunch. This week: Unethical nature photography, the internet of things, beach volleyball and tumours.

Let's kick things off this week with a lovely photograph of an alien snail. Be a real shame if anyone, say, mulched it into toothpaste.

After a brief tease back in April, Cellular Harvest looks to be a lovely, lo-fi game about snapping pics of bugs and beasties - so your capitalist overlords can process them into a fine paste for a profit. Gross. Naturally, occasional RPS contributor Xalavier Nelson Jr is working on it, because Xalavier Nelson Jr is working on all games at all times and will not slow down.

Misshapen developer Bruto is up next, with an unusual piece of advice - if someone won't give you a hand, just make them grow one for you.

Misshapen looks to be a sort of body horror Portal - a chamber-by-chamber puzzler where tasks are solved by creating impromptu Dead Space horrors. More than just growing snake-like tumours on shambling miscreants is the way the disembodied player hand sweats and pulsates at the act - a deep acknowledgement that what you're doing is pretty messed up, actually. Bruto's self-described body horror simulator will launch on Steam as soon as it's tidied up all the viscera.

I've never really gotten the appeal of a smart fridge, honestly. Maybe less so if it starting wrecking up my kitchen.

Describing itself as the "Dark Souls of internships", Going Under has a wild setup - putting you in the trainers of an unpaid intern rummaging through the cursed ruins of failed tech startups. Honestly, thank god my last internship paid minimum wage, nevermind that I never had to batter a corporate goblin king with a kettle. Don't let yourself be exploited, readers.

Finally - it's cooler in the shade, so don't step out without protection.

I thought this was just a pleasant ol' game of frisbee at the beach at first. Took a few minutes before I saw the frog-like form shifting from shadow to shadow. A delightfully minimal 3D platformer from small Dutch developers Extra Nice, Schim is set to hop onto later this week.

Disclosure: As mentioned, Xalavier Nelson Jr has made videogames with everyone on the planet, including a collaboration with me to create short sad mech drama Can Androids Pray. He's also previously written words for us at RPS. Busiest man alive, I tell ya.

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