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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Snapping pictures of horrible frogs


Screenshot Saturday Sundays! We're well into Autumn now, readers. And while it's tempting to go look at the lovely orange leaves, I'm gonna have to ask you to stay inside and check out some neat videogame screenshots. It's warmer in here, anyway. This week: Broken frogs, carnivorous plants, caramel waffle cars and some old fashioned photography.

We're once again stumbling into the deep dark woods with The Serpent Rogue this week, and things have gotten a hell of a lot creepier since last we checked in.

While I try not to return to games covered in previous Screenshot Saturday Sundays, I simply couldn't avoid this horrendous frog. Yes, okay, Sengi Games' upcoming plague adventure openly claims to be packed with cursed, disease-stricken creatures, but there is no horror so foul as those wrought by animation rig mishaps. Best put the poor beast out of its misery, folks.

Let's speed away from these harrowing creatures of the night, then. Unfortunately, our ride looks better for eating than for driving.

Besides tempting me to pop down the shops for a pack on stroopwafels, Zeepkist (steam page) is a soapbox racing game that looks as though Trackmania was maybe 80% more Fall Guys. If tumbling down wobbly physics tracks in the kind of cardboard wheelie bins Red Bull tosses into the sea every year is what it takes to get my hands on The Netherlands' greatest culinary contribution, then so be it.

We've got a nice little development "snapshot" next, jumping on this week's Twitter format of the moment.

Taking after the likes of Fatal Frame's photographic horror, The Camera That Bleeds is a stark, monochrome spook 'n' snap that sees you taking shots of invisible monsters with your magical polaroid. I do love comparison shots like this, demystifying the stunning look the devs have put together by revealing its roots in grey Unreal Engine cubes.

Finally - remember to stretch your arms every so often while animating your killer plants.

Formed of former God Of War animators, Temple Door Games are taking to indie with their blade-summoning roguelike RPG Swordcery. Best of luck to 'em - though, if it doesn't work out, it looks like they've got a strong future in botanical aerobics.

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