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Second Witcher season 2 teaser trailer confirms yup, plenty of Geralt here

Oh that guy? Yeah, he's in season 2.

Netflix has just tossed out another very short teaser trailer for the second season of their Witcher show. I'm happy to tell you that the teaser confirms yes, Geralt will appear in this season. There's probably some other details in there too aside from the existence of the show's main character, but you're probably going to have to go frame by frame to pick them out. Check it out down here.

I've spotted Geralt in a moonlit room, Geralt holding a sword, and Geralt riding Roach. You know, all stuff Geralt is known to do. There's a tiny bit of what might be Ciri at Kaer Morhen in there as well. See what you can spot for yourself if you have keener eyes than mine.

Netflix already did one teaser like this last week when they announced WitcherCon as an upcoming event on July 9th. That one was focused on Ciri, so you can spot more of her very snow witch season 2 look there.

I'm alright with the very vague teasers that only hint at things but by gosh why are Netflix posting these in square aspect ratios? I know social media sites like squares nowadays, but I'm pretty sure folks are going to watch the show itself on 16:9 ratio screens, yeah?

Petty complaints aside, hey teasers are fun. The first Ciri one came around last Friday. WitcherCon is also on a Friday. There are two more Fridays between now and then. I suppose maybe a betting person would anticipate a Yennefer-focused teaser up next and then a fourth one on July 2nd all leading up to a proper trailer at WitcherCon? That's me speculating, mind.

However it goes, I'll be plenty happy if we hear word of a season 2 premiere date during WitcherCon. I was skeptical of the first season initially but it sure wound up being a good time. I'm well up for more swords and monsters and a bit of Geralt and Ciri properly getting to know one another now that they've met.

If you didn't have it on your calendar yet, WitcherCon will kick off on July 9th at 6pm BST (10am PDT) over on YouTube and Twitch.

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