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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider demo swings out

And then the pearls bounce on the pavement

We've all seen Lara Croft's origin story a hundred times: bitten by a radioactive tomb, she gained great power and unslakeable bloodthirst, but when her father was killed in an alley by a cursed string of pearls she had herself raided, she realised she had a great responsibility to do errands for the indigenous peoples she's robbing. If you wish to once again discover how Lara Croft became The Tomb Raider, however, you're in luck as a demo for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is out now. It offers the game's opening.

The demo is a 14.6GB download up now on Steam (and on consoles too, obvs). Click the "Download" button by where it says "Shadow of the Tomb Raider Free Trial", yeah?

Shadow is the best of the three Tomb Raiders since the reboot, our John will tell you with some reservations.

"This works out as a great balance between the icon-ticking compulsion of a top tier Ubisoft game, with the puzzling chops from a team that have suddenly remembered they were the best in the business," John concluded in his Shadow Of The Tomb Raider review.

"It's huge and detailed and stupid and probably most of all, fun. Problematic fun, without question, in a way that the game loudly invites upon itself, and the gets completely arse about tit. And even without that aspect, the story is absolute balls from top to bottom. But I came for the running and jumping and grabbing and sliding, and I got that in spades. Combined with the quite astonishing detail in the game's towns, there's an awful lot here that's awfully good. In a dumb way."

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider launched in September (a demo back then would've been nice...) and recently kicked off a season of DLC with a co-op challenge mode.

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