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Humble Choice begins today, replacing Humble Monthly

Humble Choice replaces Humble Monthly today

Game subscription services are everywhere these days but Humble Bundle have been doing this for a while. Their former service Humble Monthly is being replaced with the fresh-faced Humble Choice which comes with the ability to choose the games you get, but a higher price tag as well. The service launches today under its new name.

In the past, Humble Monthly gave players a particular handful of games (around 8) each month in return for $12/month. Under Humble Choice, players will have a stable of 10 games each month and can choose up to 9 of them (at the highest tier Choice Premium for $20/month).

At the mid tier Choice Basic $15/month you can choose 3 of the 10 games to get for keeps. Both Premium and Basic tier also grant you access to the Humble Trove library, a discount on Humble's store, and part of your sale price donated to charity. Choice Lite is only $5/month but you won't get to keep any games and instead will get access to the Humble Trove.

Here are the first month of games available for Humble Choice members to choose from:

On their blog post today, Humble also announce that Humble Choice subscribers will get a new Humble Original puzzle adventure game, Arrog.

As Alice has already pointed out, it seems like the service is being rebooted at a price hike without much added benefit. To get a similar number of games per month, you'll pay $8 more than Humble Monthly subscribers previously did. Humble emphasize the "choice" angle, meaning you'll get games you actually want instead of a mix of things you may or may not be interested in.

Unless the games available suddenly become vastly superior in some way, it sounds like you're just getting fewer of them. Humble has said that they will be “massively increasing what we spend to get great games.” So perhaps that means bigger or newer releases will start showing up in the mix.

Current Humble Monthly subscribers will get grandfathered in to a good deal. They will still pay $12/month and have access to all 10 games each month instead of choosing. That puts them head and neck above the value of the new Choice Premium tier.

You can head over to their site to sign up for Humble Choice at any of the three subscription tiers.

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