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Shoot for the moon: Prey expansion murmurs intensify

Grand Ongoing Mr Moo

Arkane's Prey was one of the best games of 2017, hands down. A proper revitalization of the System Shock formula from the team who had already updated Thief through the spectacular Dishonored series. So, it hit us rather hard at RPS Towers to hear rumblings that it hadn't sold so great, along with Dishonored 2 and its standalone expansion.

With the very future of the immersive sim in question, imagine our excitement and relief when the official Prey Twitter account sprung into life once more, doling out increasingly overt hints that Morgan Yu's spooky space adventures might yet continue, this time amidst the scenic rolling hills of a lunar research facility.

This was the first in a series of exciting tweets that have had fans of the game buzzing with anticipation. An ominous, glitchy pan across space, focused clearly on the pearly surface of the moon. Later, and somewhat more overtly came this post, featuring the art seen in our title pic above, albeit tagged 'Throwback Thursday'.

While less useful at face value, if we take all those juicy out-of-place capitals, we get GMRINGNNOOGMOOADR, which also means nothing. However, rearrange them a little, and it's not too hard to end up with...

Monogram Don Gringo - No, wait. That can't be right.
Damning Gorgon Room - Erm, probably not that either.
Random Gorging Moon - Potentially topical, but unlikely.
Maroon Dogging Morn - No. Nuh-uh. Not even slightly.

Oh, yes: Good Morning, Morgan. Words so etched into the spirit of Prey that a quick search for the sentence brings up dozens of results on YouTube alone. Not exactly the most subtle of hints, but it does add a little bit more weight to the growing pile of evidence. Prey may well be coming back for one last encore performance, and I can't wait to abuse the Gloo Gun's sequence-breaking powers in floaty lunar gravity.

Whether an expansion is on the way or not, if you're somehow managed to miss playing Prey, you should rectify that immediately, and if you have a halfway beefy PC, this impressive graphics and lighting overhaul mod goes a long way to making the already very haunted Talos 1 space station feel just that little bit more menacing. We'll undoubtedly hear more about this during the upcoming trade show season, and if this is an expansion-to-be, expect a debut trailer during either GDC or E3.

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