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Skyrim's huge Enderal mod has been updated for Special Edition

Fans have stepped in to create a Special Edition version.

The giant overhaul mod that creates a new RPG within Skyrim's engine now has its own Special Edition upgrade. Enderal's creators have moved on to a new project, but fans of the mod have created a version that will work with Skyrim Special Edition if you're avoiding going back to oldrim for your modding needs.

Enderal's creators SureAI released the final update to their huge Skyrim conversion mod just last month. They also announced that they're currently working on their own game. One that doesn't require owning Skyrim, that is. Enderal's plenty a game in its own right, other than the dependency. Due to work on their new game, SureAI said they wouldn't be working on a Special Edition version of Enderal.

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Thank goodness for modders. Or modders who mod mods? Anyhow, some Enderal fans have stepped in to convert the biggo dark RPG to the newer and slightly better version of Skyrim.

Back when it launched in 2016, RPS's Enderal review called it excellent. "Enderal is worth the occasional frustrations that come of its own making and the ones inherited from Skyrim," Richard Cobbett says. "It helps that it genuinely feels like a world in and of itself, and a very different one. While Skyrim wasn't the cheeriest game in the world, Enderal can be quite depressing when its plot kicks off and you start working through its mysteries and realising just how bad things are. Still, at least it's pretty!"

You can find Enderal SE over on Nexus Mods where its uploaders explain the process of converting your original Enderal download into one compatible with Special Edition. It's a bit fiddly for now, but apparently a Steam version of the special edition mod is planned for March.

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