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Sling spells and solve riddles in You Are A Wizard

Spells and sentimentality

It’s nice when games make my job easy, so I’m pleased to say that You Are A Wizard does exactly what it says on the tin. It also does a whole bunch of things you probably wouldn’t expect, like raising questions about the nature of reality and grounding an otherwise whimsical dream adventure in a wider story about the relationships and families.

Oh, and you can collect a bunch of magic orbs that don’t do anything except give you the warm feeling of achievement for having found them. Here’s a trailer.

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This is the latest release by Heather Robertson, who wrapped up season one of EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER a few months ago. It shares one of my favourite quirks from that game, too: without any acting, each character’s voice is made clear through the way they’re written, whether it be a lack of capital letters or an abundance of exclamation marks.

There are two other things that I especially enjoy in You Are A Wizard. The first is a pair of bickering but ultimately loving fox siblings who sling out weird riddles, trap you in holes, debate you about the realness of dreams, and very endearingly support one another in their endeavours.

The second thing is that you can just make flowers grow everywhere and it has no impact except that they are pretty, which is definitely an impact in and of itself. I would like this feature implemented in more games, please.

You Are A Wizard is available to download from for $5.99.

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