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Spintires Update Adds New Trucks, Mod Tools To Follow

Lots of mud mods to come

Spintires' post-release development has seemed at times to be mimicking the game's subject matter, progressing with the speed of enormous lorries grinding themselves deeper and deeper into mud. Progress is being made however, slow and steady. Last Friday publishers Oovee released an update which fixes umpteen bugs, adds five new trucks, and paves the way for Steam Workshop support and mod tools to follow in the near future.

The forum thread linked above has a full changelog, but the trucks added are the B-66, B-131, C-4310, D-537 and K-700. If that means anything to you, you'll have known already that three of them are pictured in the image above. All five of the extra trucks can be downloaded via Spintires' [official site] Steam Workshop.

Workshop and mod support were initially said to arrive back in April, after publishers Oovee and developer Pavel Zagrebenlnyj had fallen out over a lack of communication and then smoothed things over again. Since then, Oovee have been communicating regularly with the community and there have been a number of test updates released, though this most recent marks one of the few stable releases.

On the ongoing absence of proper Workshop support and mod tools for the community, Oovee's studio manager writes that "Workshop is ready, with some finishing off to do," and that they made the decision to split these updates into two so that further support could "follow over the coming weeks."

Adam liked the game when he reviewed it last year, and it has since developed a healthy multiplayer community. Giving people more mud to play in seems like it can only lead to great things.

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