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Spook Central: Spectre Lets You Haunt Your Friends

The ping... it's inside the room!

I am unfrightenable in games. I blame growing up in a place where there was once a riot between primary schools (that's 5-12 year-olds, and I honestly wish I were joking), and that time a dude chased me through the overgrown wreck of an abandoned power plant and I had a small panic attack afterwards. I'm fine now, but growing up in that sort of environment means the idea of the Slenderman or Doom monster is too ridiculous for me to accept as a threat. I could see the silly dread of Spectre at least making me jump, because rather than having the game toss prescribed scares at you, it's mainly multiplayer. Trailer and information below.

It started life as an Oculus Rift gamejam game, but you'll be able to play without immersing yourself deeply into the horror. Spectre is an asymmetric multiplayer game between the Seekers and the Spectre. The Seekers will explore the dark, haunted areas of the game, illuminating the confusing corridors with headlamps to keep the spooks at bay. Spectres are floating around, attempting to drain the life from the other team, setting traps, creating illusions, and making things to go bump in an attempt to disorient the Seekers.

It sounds pretty neat, and a bit like Damned.

It's up on Greenlight, and it turns out they're currently Kickstarting.

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