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Sith'll Help: Star Wars Battlefront Gets More Servers

Mo' Mos Eisley, mo problems

I'm feeling less and less enamoured of Star Wars: Battlefront [official site]'s current beta now I'm over the initial 'OMG! AT-ATs!' excitement. It feels so very game-y, and so very dominated by people who, for one reason or another, seem able to pull off endless pixel-precise headshots. The industrial sci-fi fun is being overwhelmed by frustration and the hamster wheel of unlocks - but that may well change once I'm no longer limited to three maps and what's surely the most ardent, practiced slice of the likely playerbase. Though that is already expanding rapidly - EA have laid on more servers for this weekend's beta in order to meet the demand. That should take at least some of the infuriation out the experience.

I've struggled to get into the game several times, and as I mentioned the lack of server browser in favour of behind-the-scenes matchmaking means I have no idea what's available and what's being dismissed as not a viable place to play. I didn't even know if it was over-subscribed or under-subscribed. Hopefully, this will improve things.

Yesterday, EA DICE wrote that "A lot of interest around the beta. We're bringing more PC servers online and appreciate your patience." However, it's clearly not totally eradicated the problem, as more recent support messages acknowledge that "We're aware that a number of players may be unable to join a multiplayer match. We're working to resolve that, keep trying."

(Pro tip: "a number of players" always means "lots and lots of people argh please stop shouting at us." See also the Batman Arkham Knight situation. What was initially brushed off as "some users are reporting performance issues" eventually became withdrawing the game from sale for months.)

Anyway, I'll jump back in shortly to see if the situation's any better, and if I feel better or worse about Battlefront's gamey slaughterhouse now there's a larger playerbase.

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