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Stark Realties: Lego Marvel Super Heroes

When I hear an accent I recognise from my everyday bar-crawling life in a dev diary, I feel like we've really made it, us Brits. The chap in the video below is the 'Assisstant (sic) Director' of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which effectively means that Britain has now taken the best of Denmark and America, and made those things its own. He's a cultural conqueror and the the Avengers are now plastic puppets, bent to his will. Rule Britannia! As well as the patriotic showcase, the video contains some very early footage of Lego Marvel Super Heroes and details on the importance of character switching, as well as Stark's upgrades and various suits.

That's one shiny Hulk!

Here's some bonus footage. Both videos are courtesy of Game Informer, which has been poking its cameras into Traveller's Tales.

Please note that RPS co-owner Kieron Gillen writes for Marvel, Jim is an actual super hero and Alec lives in a house made of Lego, so all coverage of Lego Marvel Super Heroes will necessarily be compromised to a ludicrous degree. I was determined to remain impartial but as the game is being made in the neighbouring county of Cheshire, I naturally approve.

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