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Steam Charts: Final Wild Doom Hammer

And the Witcher's back too

Phew: we have nine different names in the top ten sellers on Steam last week, rather than the recent trend for various pre-orders and season passes splitting the vote excessively. Question is, has Joe/Jo Public responded as rapturously to DOOM as Ian/Iana Critic has?


It's odd to be nodding in furious agreement that a humungo-budget, none-more-mainstream shooter is topping the charts, but man, that's the way I feel about DOOM (its singleplayer, anyway). It's a breath of fresh, adrenaline-infused, joyfully ridiculous air in a decade where the staid and formulaic cod-military shooter seemed to have an unbreakable stranglehold. And it's not just sad retro: it's thought how to reinterpret Doom 1's values for a modern age. Double-jump, double-jump, it's all about the double-jump.

2. Total War: WARHAMMER

These are the past week's sales, and thus comprise only pre-orders, so clearly anticipation for the Creative Assembly's Games Workshop adaptation reached fever pitch following a clutch of broadly positive reviews.

3. Stellaris

Paradox are edged out of the top two by mega-brands, but let's not underestimate the scale of this success: a slow-paced, economically- and diplomatically-focused grand strategy game becoming a huge crossover hit.

4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A 50% pricedrop and excited previews about the Blood & Wine expansion (which we didn't get invited to do, in case you were wondering; maybe someone at CDP was as cross as you lot that we said Dark Souls was our favourite RPG) have pushed what might just be Geralt's swansong back into the top 5. Sale's still on until the end of the month.

5. ARK: Survival Evolved

A third-off sale (still on for a few hours at the time of writing) and free, Rivendell-esque DLC brought the dinovival game back into the charts for what science tells me is the 914th time this year.

6. FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster

7. Fallout 4 Far Harbor

The latest Fallout 4 DLC is supposed to be the meatiest, with more emphasis on stories and quests than the looting'n'crafting of the last one. Must admit I'm steering clear of it: I feel fairly burned out on Fallout's relentless death, destruction and kleptomania, and I'll need something a little more (comparatively) cerebral and pacey to bring me back.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game + Expansion Pass

The bundle gets discounted along with the base game - 35% off, down to £35 - which gets you the complete Witcher 3 story, including the upcoming Blood & Wine expansion, which is due out 31 May. You can also pick that up solus for 10% off if you buy it before then.

9. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Every time I post one of these stories, someone pipes up to say the reason CSGO is always in the chart even though everyone and their dog already owns it is because naughty players keep getting themselves banned, and so have to buy a new copy of the game. Can that really be true? Sure, there are some unbelievable arseholes out there who will willingly pay anything in order to keep on being total arseholes, but I struggle to believe that it's in sufficient numbers to breach the top ten week after week.

10. Arma 3

A free weekend, plus a 50% off sale for the duration of that weekend, put BIS' military sim back into the top 10. Pfft, as though they possibly needed any more money after DayZ's ongoing reign of freeform terror.

Out of the charts: Dark Souls III, Civ V and various pre-order and/or spec. eds of DOOM and Stellaris.

Charts via PC stalwarts Blues.

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