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Steam finally has an updated mobile app for iOS and Android

Valve point out there’s actually three Steam apps, but never mind

There’s an updated Steam app for phones and tablets, everyone. That’s a sentence I thought I’d never type. Describing it as “completely revamped”, the Android and iOS apps are essentially new and add a way to sign into your account on PC using a QR code, remote downloads from your Library, and customisable tabs. If you really enjoy looking at videos of swiping around on phones then you can watch Valve’s below.

Hold onto your phones, there's a revamped Steam app for iOS and Android.

Valve are touting the nu-pdated app as the most secure way to sign into your Steam account. That’s because it uses two-factor authentication. You can now generate a QR code on your computer to scan using the app for almost instant sign-in, too, and approve or deny regular sign-ins from notifications in the app. It also gives you a list of authorised devices, so you know who’s got access to your account. Valve say they’re planning on bringing the QR code method to Steam Deck in the future.

Like with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass app, the updated Steam app now lets you remotely download games from your Library to your various PCs. It’ll also allow you to customise your tabs from a list of options – I’ve replaced the Store with my Library, for instance. Notifications are easy to adjust too, so you can choose to mute sale alerts if you don’t want to be tempted to spend loads. You can read the full details of what’s included in the updated app here.

The old Steam app was, frankly, a bit pants. It launched more than a decade ago, and I can’t say I ever really used it. This new one seems a bit more like something I can see myself mucking about with, although the Store still seems pretty chunky and clunky when viewing it on a phone. I feel like it should probably do everything the Steam Chat and Steam Link apps do too but, hey, at least it’s an improvement.

You can download the revised Steam app from the App Store, Google Play or as a standalone APK. My apologies if you’re legendary enough to still rock Windows Phone, but you’re out of luck here.

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